Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The kids are having a bath. They are splishing and splashing and I'm just turning a blind eye and pretending they aren't getting the bathroom wet and soaking my towels and dumping water on each others head.

Isn't ignorance bliss?


  1. If I'm having a particularly crazy day, or if my girls are particularly grumpy, I go straight to the bath. 2 y.o. DD loves it, and 6 month old DD kind of hangs out and watches. We sit in the bathroom for a good hour.

    I once read "if a child is crabby, put her in water" and I thought it was great advice! Well worth the dirty towel/wet floor investment. ;)

  2. I totally use bathtime as an activity on no nap days. It is what gets us through til bedtime!

  3. When my kids where little, the best mopping my bathroom got was when I dried up their little mess!


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