Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playroom Re-do Part 1

Well, I've decided to semi-re-do our kids playroom. We haven't done anything to it (not even paint--it has an awesome paint job done by the previous owners) but throw toys in there. I guess I had a little subconscious block to putting anything on the walls due to the aforementioned awesome paint job.

Then, one day, it hit me like a Mack truck (ok, not that bad, but still)...), why can't I put things on the walls? Who's to stop me?!? No one, that's who! So, I am now working on re-organizing the playroom. This time, I will organize up. I want to do a good job, though. So, I'm taking this project slow. I'm looking at all the cool organization magazines, other peoples ideas for kids playrooms, etc. I don't want to mess this up! I want it to be good, people! Brilliant! A place kids will walk into and say, "I never want to leave!" That's the goal.

So, while I research and strategize, I thought I could at least begin with some small furniture renovations. I love white furniture in kids rooms. I don't know why. Maybe it reflects the purity of the child? (Other peoples child, not mine... ;) Anyway, I decided to re-do the kids TV stand.

And here she is! In all her glory. We purchased this stand from Target about 8 years ago right after we got married. It's seen a few good times...

And it wasn't in the best condition. It isn't real wood, it just had a thin layer of wood on top of plywood to make it look like a nice wood piece. When you're sanding pieces like this, it's important not to sand too much or too hard, because the veneer will chip off. I found this out the hard way!

After giving the top, edges and corners a nice light sanding with my power sander, I hand-sanded the front and sides of the piece. These sections where just the thin layer of wood inserts and I didn't want to chip them or mess them up.

After sanding and wiping it down, I gave it a nice coat of Zinsser primer. I used a brush and I was fearful of brush strokes, but the spray paint layer covered those up nicely in the end.

After the primer dried, I applied a coat of flat white spray paint. Then, I sanded down the edges and corners for the ever popular distressed look. I spray painted the knobs with my trusty ORB and called it good. I wasn't too worried about the perfection of this piece, because it will end up back in the abyss that is the playroom...which I'm sure will give it a few more scratches and dents.

OH, I also applied a layer of lacquer to the top and front of the piece, to sort of protect the paint. Again, not too worried about the sides and back getting a protective layer for the above mentioned reasons.


  1. This looks great. I have so many things like this that I want to do, but I can never find the time...

  2. What type of lacquer do you use? I need to do the same to my newly painted desk for my sewing room ( ), but I don't really want it to be glossy. By the way the TV stand looks great!

  3. Nice transformation!! I've never used lacquer, have been too afraid too. lol

  4. It looks great. I love the fresh, clean look!

  5. Looks fantastic! I'm a huge fan of white, too. It makes furniture really pop and gives it a light, airy feel. Nice job on the paint!


  6. I love this piece and you did a fabulous job on the redo ! It is brilliant ! I am starting to fall into the ORB craze the more I see it around on these blogs. I found you thru Get Your Craft On Thursday !

  7. It looks great!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and the comments about my new outdoor cushions and cart. Yeah I think I'm going to keep it white too.

  8. That looks awesome Meg! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am your newest follower! I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now with CSN Stores. Feel free to stop by and enter the giveaway! :)

  9. Great job! I think white was totally the way to go.

  10. Love your blog! Thanks for the playroom ideas. I've been putting off doing my daughter's, but now I'm officially inspired to get it started. Thanks for the push!

  11. You can never organize playrooms enough!! I love it!


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