Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guest Post Thursday - Made by Stephie

Hi Everybody!

I'm Stephie from Made by Stephie and Stephie Hicks Photography.

I am really, really excited to be here at A Little Knick Knack today!

I am so thankful that Meg asked me to guest blog for her today! I love this blog and I am just tickled pink that I get to introduce my self and some of my projects and photography to all of you readers!

Here is a little about moi - I am addicted to creating, refinishing, and restoring things. I would carry a can of spray paint in my back pocket if it would only fit. I am married to a graphic designer/comic book artist that I met in art school. I am a full time photographer (but I am back in school to become a RN). I love slim jims - the beef and cheese kind (I know they are gross and bad for you - but I just can't help it). I am pretty sure that is all the vital info about me - now for some fun stuff!!

This is one of my favorite project that I completed lately - A DIY Keyholder! It was super easy and really inexpensive to make!

If you are ever in need of an update for your bedroom you should really try making a padded headboard. It only took me around an hour to make this - seriously just an hour. You can find the instructions for it HERE!

I can't fully introduce myself without showing off a little bit of my photography. Here are a few photos from some of my recent sessions:

Thanks for letting me hang out with you today. I hope you'll stop by Made By Stephie for a visit sometime! You can also find me on my Stephie Hicks Photography Website or Facebook page!

Thanks Meg!!!!

*Wow, thanks Stephie! I love, love, love your photography skills! They are amazing. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful talents with us today.
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  1. Cute ideas Meg. I'm checking out the padded headboard. I've been wanting to do that. And your pictures girl ~ adoreable! I love your work. Good job :) Have a great evening! ~ Laura

  2. What great photos. I love all the little babies I am seeing in blog land all snuggled in their little crochet cocoons!

    Thanks for commenting on my arbor my son made for me! I sure love showing it off!

    bee blessed

  3. Sweet pics. Thank for sharing. Be blessed. Cindy

  4. Such great photos! I just LOVE that key holder!

  5. Love everything! Especially the little tiny baby picture! Looks like a little egg =) Good job!!


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