Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Successes...and some failures

Well, we all know this is how it goes in life sometimes. Sometimes you win and don't. I get a lot of those "don't" it seems like. But, they're all learning experiences, right? Of course! And, some mistakes are fixable! No problem. I'm on it. The end result will be dazzling. Epic. Awe-inspiring. Promise.

My win:

I decided to use my canvases with my new picture stand from Amarillo. I love the layered look and I love how you can see the detail above the stand. Yeah! (ooh, dusty....)

My failure:

I wanted to spruce up my little junk-catcher in the kitchen. My mom had these cute little boxes in her kitchen that said "this and that." Perfect! I attempted to stencil using sticker outlines. It kinda worked. But, it blurred and didn't turn out so perfect. So, I'm on to a different solution to fix the problem. There will be one. Oh yes, there will be one. Just you wait...


  1. Cute ideas!!! Found you from Live in the Pitts :)

    ~Lori@ live,laugh,love,create :)

  2. I'm sure you'll fix the box up really cute.


  3. Love the canvases. I has a similar prob yesterday when I attempted to stencil my last name on a serving tray. Yikes! I was running for the fingernail polish (since that's what I could find) and did manage to get it mostly all off. Still - frustrating when your ideas for fabulousness fall flat.Can't wait to see hoe you fix it up! :)

  4. Super cute ideas Girl! Be blessed. Cindy

  5. Ooh, I like the layered look, too. And I'm relating to your dusty surfaces- I need to clean. Also, your this and that junk catcher is so cute!

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session at Life in the Pitts

  6. You know, I think your hits outnumber your misses. You'll have a fabulous fix, you are that clever. Your fleur de lis canvas project looks great! Hey, part of the fun is in the doing, right?

  7. I tend to have more failures than successes! I love that you layered the canvases, AND I love that you have dust on the table. ALL my tables have dust. I would rather clean the bathroom with a toothbrush than dust! I HATE to dust!

    So glad you stopped by my blog!

  8. I don't see the failure at all!

    Btw, do we get a tutorial with the layered canvases?

  9. Cute stuff! I'm looking forward to digging deeper into your blog!


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