Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Little Wreath

My Dad requested a wreath for his front door. I made him a fun wreath for Christmas and I guess he decided it's time for a new one! (I'm sure the Christmas wreath has been down for least, I'm pretty sure!)

After lots of thinking, this is what I came up with. I found the grapevine wreath for $1 at a garage sale. It had a LOT of fake flowers on it and was very weathered. I took the flowers off and spray painted the wreath a nice espresso brown.

My dad's house is a nice peach color, so I thought green would be a nice accent. I chose some green paper and used some old canvas cloth I had, as well as some buttons and my distressing ink (love that stuff). I simply traced some cups to cut out circles, distressed them with ink, crumpled them all up and glued them together.

I also found a wood M at JoAnn's and using my 40% off coupon, bought it for $1.50 (my maiden name ends in "m"). I wasn't sure how to use it, and then saw my leftover moss from another project. The green went perfectly with my theme, so I decided to try and cover the M with the moss.

Wow, what a MESS! But, I believe I have perfected the moss-method! Wanna know? Ok, I'll tell you!
First....cut up your moss into small pieces. Just snip and make them into nice, little manageable pieces. Collect them on a flat, covered surface.
Then, using some adhesive spray, liberally coat the front of your monogram and then quickly lay down in the moss.
Repeat the steps for the sides, top and bottom.
Using your glue gun, with quick, small dabs, adhere some longer pieces onto the parts that need to be filled.
I would also recommend painting your piece the same color as your moss before you begin. This will help fill in a lot of the little holes that can't be filled in with the moss.
Finally, pretend you're giving that monogram a little haircut, and trim all the wayward pieces. Should turn out nice!

I attached the M to the wreath using some clear fishing wire and I'm on the hunt tomorrow for some burlap ribbon (or something to that affect), to hang the wreath. I can't wait to send the wreath to my dad and I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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  1. Looks adorable!! I love the fabric flowers - someday I'll get up my energy and nerve to try some of those! The mossy monogram is very cute and creative too!

  2. Love it! You think of everything!

  3. How cute! And what a nice thing to do for your dad!


  4. It's so cute....and I love that you did it for your dad. Lisa~

  5. This turned out adorbale! Love the moss initial! I'll be featuring this tomorrow. Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  6. I love that! I totally would have never thought of the moss on the M! Thanks for sharing! Following from Monday Madness. :)

  7. I have a love obsession with moss! I love this...very cute.:)

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love the wreath. I did a moss ball project a few weeks ago and it was very messy - I had moss glued to my hands, face and clothes by the time I was done. Yours turned out so pretty.

  9. Such a cute wreath! I love all your additions to it! Great job!

  10. I totally love your wreath update! So fresh and fun! This post, or one like it, would be a perfect fit for linking to my Time Travel Thursday linky party.

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  11. I love the moss and the green hues you used. Very sweet!!!

  12. This has got to be the CUTEST wreath I have ever seen. I really like the way it looks so natural with a burst of fun polka dots. Great job.

  13. If this is duplicate, sorry! I scrolled up to see if you had a follow link to let you know that I will definitely be following you and my comment disappeared! I LOVE this wreath. So creative! I have a feeling this post is going to pop up on my blog in the future when I tackle my own version. Thanks so much for sharing & inspiring another project.


  14. Thanks for joining us for Anything Related #12! ~Bridgette

  15. How cute is that? Very much cuter than the faux flowers. I am so glad you joined in my party, and do hope to see you again. Hope you enjoy some of the other gals will be sure to make some new blogging girls rock!!~

  16. How pretty! Your dad is so lucky to have such a sweet daughter. Blessings, Vicky

  17. What a great idea for a wreath!! I am still making my rounds from last week!!


  18. Adorable!!! I love this one! I had to share it in my post I just did on 10 Great Monogram Projects! I totally picked up some moss at the dollar store too!!


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