Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

Hello out there!

Cindy, from Creations by Cindy, awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award!

Isn't that awesome??? I think so!

Some rules of the award (it's kind of like a chain letter---the love must go on!), are to share 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 15 people. Fun times. Here we go...

1. I love, love, love, love me some chocolate.

2. Books are my best friend.

3. I haven't exercised since October, but I'm starting tomorrow! Promise. ;)

4. I love hokey, high-school romantic comedy's. Ever seen "She's the Man?" Hilarious. Go rent it.

5. If I could spend all my husband's money redecorating our house in funky antiquey furniture...I would.

6. Change is good....right???

7. This blog of mine has been a little sanity saver for me. I'm so grateful for all the fun people I've met out there. Thanks for sharing some of your precious time over here!

Now, to pass it are the 15 wonderful blogs I've chosen:

1. Patricia from In My Free Time
2. Shahana from Craftilicous
3. Tina from Twinkle Toes Boutique
4. Julie from Growing Your Grass Greener
5. Nancy from Nancy's Tidbits
6. Jenni from Peppertowne
7. Ellie G from Less Cake More Frosting
8. Nikki from Kreative Knack
9. Marie from Emma Calls Me Mama
10. Rory from Tools are for Women Too
11. Jessica from Me and My Bucket
12. Tara from Junkrestore
13. Kelsey from Tattered and Inked
14. Katie from On the Banks of Squaw Creek
15. Rose from Confessions of a Curbshopaholic

They have such wonderful ideas and thoughts. Check them out when you get the chance! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thank you so much! That's actually the 4th one I've received this week. I really need to get it passed on, huh?!?!

  2. Thank you so much for the award! Made my weekend :)

  3. You deserve it girl! Be blessed. Cindy

  4. Thanks so much for the award. It means alot coming from someone as talented as you. Love being your follower:) Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for your comment about my chalkboard menu! That remote-control holder came out GREAT! :)

  6. Hey Meg

    Thank you so much for the award.


  7. Meg, again....
    Thanks so much. This is so sweet of you. I've had fun looking at some of the other blogs you awarded as well. Really. So awesome of you!

  8. Oh wow Meg! I just popped over from the comment you left me the other day and see my name on your award list! Thanks so much for thinking of me and my blog. I just last week did a post to cover 3 awards I received. Would it be ok if I just add your name to that post and call it done?
    (I know, I'm just about the laziest blogger ever)
    As far as your request to do a guest post, I would be honored to give it a try! Let me know how it works and what you need from me.
    Thanks again!


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