Sunday, May 16, 2010

Family Room Wall Re-do

I finally hung up some things on my family room wall. The kids were having a field day playing around with all my little knick knacks and it was driving me batty.

On this wall, I have my clock (still working on the clock hands...I know, I know. I'll get around to it eventually. Until then we just look outside and judge time by where the sun is in the sky. An old tradition, but it works). A shelf I found at GW, with my GW knick knacks on top. The oval frame was from the $1 spot at Target. I painted it, and it originally had a mirror but guess who broke the mirror??? That's right---me! Grrr. So, I'm thinking of putting some fun burlap-monogram in there. We'll see....

My pitcher and some eucalyptus branches. Smells sooooo good.

These are my GW mirrors, painted heirloom white and then stained with some faux finish glaze.

My picture wall! I simply gathered all the black frames in my house (didn't realize I had so many) and added some fun pics of the kiddos. I love it! My kids also have fun pointing themselves out to me (thus the slightly crooked pics at time of photo shoot).


  1. your walls look great! I got one of those mirrors from Target too... the mirror broke the day I got it home. :/ Oh well. I just got finished hanging some things on walls... love the feeling of getting something done and up there! :)

  2. Everything looks great! I didn't see those mirrors at Target; looks nice, even without the mirror.

    The photo wall looks good, too.


  3. Your family room wall looks terrific and I love those little GW mirrors you found. So cute!

  4. Very nice and neat. Mirrors work so well. Jane F

  5. Loven your wall with everything you've done! The mirror is my fav. Be blessed. Cindy

  6. Oh wow! I adore it. What a wonderful metamorphosis.

  7. Pretty pretty pretty! Very cute and clever.

  8. very nice! great decorating ideas. lovely blog. I'm following.
    nicole visiting from

  9. Hey Meg, check out my blog. You have an award! Be blessed. cindy

  10. Meg,
    You have some outstanding THRIFTY items...luv that $1 Target frame! HAPPY NTT!


  11. Your stuff looks great. Don't you just love GW finds?

    I am partying with you tonight. Stop by for a visit, if you have a chance.

  12. Everything looks great! , picture 3 is prety prety .... :) I love it.


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