Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calling for Help!

Well, not to worry, dear readers! I'm not in dire straights. Oh no---I'm going on VACATION!

Yes. Finally. I'm taking my 3 darling children and going to the great state of Texas to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I'm meeting our newest addition to the family (my brother's son---can't wait!) as well as spending countless hours lying by a pool, watching my children splash with abandon.

Speaking of abandon, I do NOT plan on abandoning you! Never fear, I have great plans! The first of which is to call for HELP!

I would love for some of my favorite bloggers in the whole world (you!) to help by doing a guest post while I am "gone."

If you are interested, please leave a comment or email me ASAP!
Now, this does NOT have to be a crafty tutorial! It can be, but it does not HAVE to be. If you would like to simply wax poetic, then let's hear it! If you want to share some beautiful pictures you are in love with, please---let us love them, too! I am all for it! Anything goes, people! I need YOU!

Thanks for helping me out. I would gladly return the favor, if you ever feel the need to step out, relax, and go on a vacation! Isn't that what summers are for?


  1. I'd love to guest post if you still need people!

  2. Do you really think, oh Queen of Crafts, that we will not make you craft up some things around this house while you are here in the great state of Texas?


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