Monday, April 19, 2010

Update: Lamp project FAILED

I'm so sad. I've been working on re-vamping a lamp for my master bedroom for the hubby's side of the bed. Found a super cute one for $4 at GW and started using my precious ORB. Well, turns out I waited too long to apply the touch up coats (a whole busy weekend flew by before I had a minute to finish it up). Why, oh why didn't I listen to Molly from A Bit O'Shine, who had a wonderful tip that you should only wait 15 minutes between coats to avoid a disaster! The paint crackled and split and looked all together nasty. Sigh. Bye-bye $4 lamp. I'm off to find another solution and hopefully, not screw this one up!


  1. I had no idea it could do that! What a bummer!

  2. Hi Meg,
    I'm sorry the lamp didn't work out. It's a bummer when it's something that you really have a purpose for. I have many a failed craft, but luckily they weren't anything too special. I'm intimidated by the really neat projects because I'm afraid of messing them up!

    Hope the next attempt works!



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