Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking for a Blog Swap!

I'm itching to do a blog swap! If anyone is interested, please email me at! We'll make it happen! It will be fun! It will be easy! It will be....AWESOME!

I'm very nice and easy to get along with...

...Trust me.
P.S. A blog swap is when you post something on someone else's blog. It can be just a little informative blurb on you and your blog or it can be a tutorial on something you enjoyed creating....craft, recipe, etc. Fun times!


  1. What's a blog swap? Never heard of it! Oh the things I'm learning about bloggy land!

  2. Nice pics... are you jumping on the trampoline there?

  3. I will swap blogs with ya! ...but I can't do it this week. We have two annual festivals in our little town and the spring one (BBQ and Blues) is this weekend. College Daughter will be coming home home with ALL sorts of friends. They think our little town is a hoot and adore all the events we do. I'm having to put the brakes on the blogging and crafting and do some cleaning and cooking... like a real mom! weeee...


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