Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Had a few minutes before dropping the girl off at preschool seriously looking for this car....

....and came this close to buying one at a garage sale, but the wheel was broken. Sigh.

Instead bought these:

Cute outfit for the little dude and this wreath is about to get a major overhaul!

I'm so excited for garage sale season!


  1. Santa brought the girls cars for Christmas! They love them, good luck with the hunt!

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! Can't wait to see the wreath redo. Good luck finding the car!

  3. That outfit is adorable! Great treasure hunting! Thanks for the nice comments regarding the sand candle tutorial over at my blog...You should try them...they are a lot of fun to make. I'll be doing some more today with family and their kids who come to Cape Cod to Craft with Karen! Cape Cod is wonderful, but what do you do on a rainy day, when you have two families, one with 3 kids and the other with 4,(various ages) the men have had to leave for a day and go back to work, and you have these mothers ready to rip their hair out? It all started with putting on big old tee shirts (smocks) and painting sea shells and beach rocks. Now, I have to have a list of projects and supplies for every time they come! Today, we go get the battery candles and go for a roll in the sand! (LOL) Hope you have a lovely day, and good luck finding the car! Many Smiles, Karen

  4. driving to work, i learned that the entire community around me is having a gigantic rummage sale! i'm excited!!!


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