Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Friendly Feature Part 2

Ok, so I told my brother about featuring my sister (see HERE). He asked if I could feature him.

"Oh yeah, what have you made?" I asked (All snotty, like sisters tend to do sometimes).

"Only this," he replied.

And this....

And maybe this....

"Oh. Oh, yeah." I said, all meek and humble

Yeah, my brother builds gigantic mansions for rich people. Oops. I forgot! I guess he IS pretty crafty. :)

Love ya, bro.


  1. Very nice! He is crafty isn't he? And I must say nice looking too! A NANA can say that sort of stuff and get by it...ha! Be blessed. cindy

  2. LOL - he is cute! I think he just wanted all of us women build his self esteem on here, right?! :) He does very nice work though. When I become rich, I'll be sure to call him!!

  3. Haha! Too funny. Those homes are incredible!

    I featured my brother on my blog once because he paints cars. He taught me all my good spray painting techniques! :)

  4. Ha Ha, so true. When my husband lays tile, its literally a work of art.

  5. THat's funny! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment about my chair! -shaunna :)


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