Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Fling!!

How much fun is this?!? Lori, from Life as Lori, hosted a Spring Fling. She took everyone who wanted to participate and paired them up. Next, we just had to create or buy something for the other person and send it to them! Easy, right? Super easy! And super fun.

Well, last week sometime, I received this beautiful package from Patricia at In My Free Time. She is one of the kindest and happiest bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of reading (since we haven't met yet....although, I feel as though we're good friends, just from emails alone!). So, go check out her site, you will not be disappointed!

She sent me a fun myriad of little knick knacks (appropriate, don't you think?).

Like this yummy smelling candle...

And this lovely notebook with a little ladybug charm.

And look at this stuff! Isn't it neat? (If anyone has little girls, they would break out in that song from The Little Mermaid right now....)

I think my favorite things, though, was this darling little nest she made for me. It's so quaint and reminds me of spring, that is surely just around the corner! (Please ignore the junk on the floor back there, and the scratches on the table. I have no craft room, so the dining room table is my place to go. And, I was so excited to photograph all this fun stuff, that I didn't even pay attention to what was behind it! Ahhh!)

Want to see it again?

How about one more time? Yes?

How's that? What? One more? Ok!

My little nest and I had a fun little photo shoot. I must have taken over 20 pictures of the thing. It photographs beautifully.

Thank you, Patricia, for your thoughtfulness and creativity! I love everything you sent!

p.s. The candy was a hit, too. My kids at it all in about two days! It didn't last long enough to take pictures of! Heh.


  1. your little roots & wings nest is VERY photogenic! she looks good in every pic!

  2. Love all your goodies.. You racked up!!! Glad you had fun!

    3 of us haven't received our gifts, so as soon as we do I'll put mr.linky up. Great post. loved it!

  3. Meg, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who LOVES Ikea! Thanks so much for's always nice to be validated! LOL

    This is such a great idea! You must have been so excited when your parcel came in the mail. :) And that "little mermaid" comment cracked me up - all you need is a dingelhopper and you'll be good to go! ;)

  4. great projects... so glad that I stumbled in! I am visiting by way of New Friend Friday at TGC and have become a follower. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week! until later...

  5. That nest is just too cute - don't you just love a little "Spring Fling"?

    Can't wait to post my goodies tomorrow - so much fun!!

  6. Oh that nest IS cute...wasn't this such a fun blog party and swap?:) And I laugh about your candy...I barely got the picture before my little one's hands were all over it:)

  7. adore your *roots & wings nest* yay!

  8. Loved seeing all your Spring stuff!
    Very nice!

  9. What a lot of goodies you received! I love your nest. Handmade is the best! Well...almost as nice as the candy. I had so much fun with this. I got to know my partner pretty well, too. There is going to be a Summer Fling also with Lynette. I can't wait. I had to laugh over you pointing out things in the background. I now clean up the house really well if I am taking pictures for my blog. It's amazing what the camera finds! lol!!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day, Meg! :-)



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