Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Little Thriftin' Fun

We had some time to kill yesterday and since I love to torture myself, I took my 3 children and headed off to the local thrift store. I don't know if it's busier on Fridays or if there was some sort of special deal going on (that I didn't get in on, apparently), but it was PACKED. Try keeping tabs on three wandering kids in the middle of a crowded thrift store! So, I did the only logical thing....I bribed them. I told the kids they could pick out one thing and take it home (after paying for it, of course). Hey, it's a thrift store, how expensive could it get?

The first item picked out is this lovely bread box. I had another use for it in mind, though...

...that's right, this lovely bread box will hold my children's coloring books and art supplies. They LOVE to color and are always leaving their books and crayons out on the table. Not anymore! Nope, now I, um, I mean, they have a place to store their beloved coloring books and I don't have to look at them spread out all over the place! Voila!

The next item was this lovely wooden crate. I decided to use it to store our puzzles for now. I'm hoping to do something crafty-fun with the crate and bread box, but I'm not sure what yet. Hmmm....
The next items were these matching glass candle holders (I love me some glass!) and this silver candlestick holder. All beautiful and I have some fun plans for them.

And finally, here are what my kiddos decided to pick out as their one thing....a Lightening McQueen basket and a heart shaped plastic basket. I didn't even persuade them to both buy baskets, it just sort of happened like that. I got some fun books for my son and we called it good!


  1. Great finds! :) You definitely are brave, but it was worth it!

  2. great goodies! i am loving the breadbox... it is the perfect size!

  3. Bribery! A mom's secret weapon! That breadbox was a great find!


  4. Great ideas! I love wooden crates too, very versatile and they look great. Judi

  5. I'm lovin' that CUTE BREAD BOX...thanks for coming to my NTT party! Your header is soooo cute:) Hope you have a FUN week!



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