Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I love frosted glass. It is so pretty. It hides a lot of imperfections. You can take anything ordinary and turn it into something original. I've never tried it before, but I was determined. I'm learning a lot on this little bitty blog of mine. I'm learning to start small, but don't be afraid to take some chances. So, I got some glass from the $1 store and found a beautiful glass holder-thingy at the thrift store (not sure what the technical name of it is).

And, I waited for the snow to melt....and the rain to stop....and the sun to shine....finally, I could stand it no longer. Even though it's raining today, it's warmer than it's been all winter, so I said "to heck with this! I'm trying it!"

Let the frosting begin. First, the glass thingies.

Add some fun stickers for something a tad original.

Turn upside down and frost away! Remove the stickers...some might work and some might not....

The candle holder on the right came from the $1 store and was frosted as well, then glued to the holder on top. It would have been fun to add a monogram in the circle of this one, but as I said...I'm still learning! Baby steps. But, all in all, it is a lovely look.

....Don't you think? When I lit the candles, my little 2 year old boy came over and started singing "happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!" He is sooooo cute! I love my little guys!



  1. I love them! I think they look great!

  2. These are beautiful! :) I love that soft light from the frosting. Did you use the spray-paint or the etching cream?

  3. I love how you frosted the globe part and left the base plain. They look so pretty with the candles lit!

  4. The glow from the candles with the frosted look really looks nice and warm. How did you frost it? Be blessed. Cindy

  5. Chad's going to have to build you a bigger house to have space for all your stuff!

  6. I love this! i really want to try frosting glass, thanks for the motivation!

  7. They look great! What did you use to frost? I have glass etching cream, but I don't think it gets all that even of results to do it on a big area like this...

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I used it to make a Christmas present for a friend and am also making a set as a baby shower prize...love that you can also get a set of flameless votive candles at the dollar store....thanks again!


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