Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wreath Stand

I've been seeing this kicking around the craft world for awhile, so I thought I'd give it a try. The thing about reading all these wonderful crafting blogs, is that people seem to have everything "handy." Like, "I just happened to have these huge wood scraps handy," or, "I happened to have this old table laying around....," etc. Well, I'm new to this whole crafting world, so I have yet to stockpile my necessary tools of the crafting trade. Which, apparently, includes a lot of wood.

Anyhoo, as I was saying, I've been wanting to try my hand at making this wreath stand. With my mother's birthday coming up (ahem, it was actually yesterday, but that's ok, right?), I thought this would give me the perfect excuse to try and make a wreath stand.

First step, off to the thrift store, to find a chair or old table I could basically tear apart. I'm hesitant to buy anything that is truly made well, just to take it home and destroy it. Eventually I found what I was looking for---an old, dirty, wobbly, poorly made chair for under $5. Yes, not what one usually looks for, but it suited my purposes.

Then, off to the local craft store to find something suitable for the base and to decorate the top of my wreath stand. I found one finial, but they were sort of pricey for this project, so I opted for some cheaper wood parts to substitute for the top.

I raced home to hide the evidence from my husband (he thoroughly enjoys seeing junky furniture in our house that I did, indeed, paid for), and to eagerly await the next day when I could start my project.

I decided to paint the bases and the top ornaments antique white and while I was waiting for them to dry, I attacked my chair. I unscrewed the legs from the base and proceeded to practice my kung-fu moves in order to separate the legs from each other. It worked wonderfully for one leg, but not so well with the other (I guess I need to keep practicing my kung fu). Finally, I got two legs off and took them to the basement for a good sanding (here in Minnesota, it's still freezing, so most of my projects are done in the unfinished laundry room). Then, I gave them a coat of the antique white acrylic paint.

Now comes the fun part---the drill! I have a very handy husband who has a wide variety of tools. I'm sure he loves that I'm raiding his huge tool box in the garage. I'm probably messing up his storage system or something, but I digress. Anyway, I used a huge drillbit (note to self, learn the real names of the tools I'm using) to drill a wide hole through the base
to simply slide the chair leg into. The first one was a bit tricky, but I learned what NOT to do and the second one was easy! I secured the legs with some Monkey wood glue and left them to dry overnight.

The next day I did another light sanding to let some of the wood grain show through. Then, I did a light stain over to give it a nice, old look. I hot glued some velvet ribbon around the holes where the chair legs had connected to each other and used my Monkey glue to secure the finials and other adornments to the top. Using my trusty drill (more drilling, woo-hoo!), I drilled some small holes in the top to screw in the hooks. I found this picture at Goodwill for $2, and hot glued the ribbon on it to hang from the hook. I'm planning on replacing the picture with one of my daughter's preschool pictures, and then sending it off to my mom.

I made two, because I wanted one also. This base is a little different, because it was the base I "practiced" on, and a lot of the wood splintered. I just used a transfer applique and tried to cover the splinters. It worked ok, but I'm not too picky!

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  1. kill more furniture!!

  2. Very cute and very crafty! I never would have thought of it! Now you have the rest of the chair to play with!

  3. Cute - I like the distressed feel of it!!

  4. Woo Hoo!! I'm so excited to see all of your fun stuff! You inspire me.

  5. WOW, you worked really hard on this project and it looks great! This is the first time I have seen this stand, so thanks for introducing it to me!

    I hope to see you at the party again soon! Keep up the great job, and probably don't throw the rest of the chair away I am sure you'll figure out something to do with it!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is the most fabulous thing ever!!!! Love it!

    Lol, love that first comment up there. :)

  7. Stopping over from Kimba's.

    Here's my link to the party:

    Hope you'll check it out!

  8. You're welcome! I do seriously love this project. Mind if I feature it at my blog??

  9. That is great!! What a creative way to use an old chair... I have never seen that before!!

  10. Loving that!! That chair is in a much better place did him a favor...

  11. Interesting comment from "anonymous" -- who hides behind "anonymous" anyway? Very silly.

    Anyway -- wow, you really are good with tools! I am somewhat terrified of power tools, I am sorry to admit. But I will use glue!

    Your Mom will love this!

  12. Love it!!!! And now I know what to do w/ all my old, wobbly chairs. (Seriously, there are 5 in my garage right now) Yay!!

  13. ok-I have seen these wreath holders around as well, but..I was not as smart as you. I did not think of killing an old kitchen chair! I see these things all the time at my local haunt. (the thrift store) I am going tomorrow. Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    ps-i too have a husband who just "doesn't understand" the importance of junk!
    I will be back to see what other kinds of goodness you come up. Please, stop by and say hi!

  14. Very, very creative. We like it when nothing goes to waste!

  15. These turned out really cute! I may try to do this soon. I, um, have everything I need around here somewhere! =)

  16. Wow wow wow. That is way cool, love it. thanks for linking up!

  17. Wow!!! My husband just rolls his eyes at all the stuff lying around... I think he makes fun of me... LOL They just don't understand...

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. at Life As Lori

    Please join me next week for another great party!

  18. I think your's looks great! Fantastic job!

  19. I love it! You did a great job.

  20. Wow, those turned out gorgeous, great job on the remaking and good job on the hiding ;0)

  21. I love this! It turned out great!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day! I look forward to seeing more great ideas from you!

  22. Thank you so much for linking up with the Talented Tuesday link party at My Frugal Family, which is hosted every Tuesday. Please feel free to stop back in every week and post your newest projects!

  23. Hey! I'm stopping by because you left a comment on my blog, thank you! It looks like you are having way too much fun here breaking furniture apart :). These turned out so cool, you're giving the Shanty girls a run for their money.

  24. wow, you are soooo talented, i love it!

  25. Very cute they turned out great. Love this ides I will have to be on the look out for some wood pieces.


  26. That old chair has never looked more beautiful! Love the new stands! I always get into my hubby's tools, too, and he only gets mad when I drain the battery and forget to put them on the charger...I mean c'mon...I have only done that like 5 times...

    Hugs ~ Angie


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