Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Sweater Pillow Embellishments

I decided to try and spruce up my sweater pillows a little bit. I saw this fabric flower idea on The Girl Creative from a guest post by Domestically Speaking. I may not have done it the EXACT same way, but they were fun to make and I think the pillows turned out pretty cute.

Do you know the sides of spools of ribbon? The cardboard things with the hole in the middle? Well, that's what I used at a backing for the fabric flowers. I cut long strips out of the sleeves of my sweaters, hot glued the beginning of the strip through the hole, and then twisting the strand around (with a dab of hot glue here and there), I wound it around the cardbaord to make a "flower." And, I added the buttons just for fun. The blue pillow has little pins that came with the original sweater. I thought they looked cute on the pillow as well!

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

The Shabby Chic Cottage


  1. Those are so cute! I love the argyle one with the buttons best!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

  2. I forgot to say that I'm featuring this project this week on Make it Yours! I can't find your email address, if you shoot me an email, I'll send you a featured button!

  3. Sweaters are so versatile, I can't believe that I used to just throw them out. I love all your cute sweater pillows and embellishments.

  4. I've been bouncing around through different sites and came across yours...saw this post and my mind went "ah-ha!" I now know what I am going to do with the J Crew sweater I simply refuse to throw away, because it is the most beautiful colour of red.
    Thanks for sharing.


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