Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ikea Toy Chest

Here is part of my finished Ikea toy chest.

From this:
To this:

This was tricky to paint, but I figured since it was going to be in the toy room, it didn't have to be completely perfect! After applying a couple of coats, I sanded down the edges to give it a nice smooth feel (no splinters for my kiddos) and I got the stickers from the $1 store. The chest is out in the garage now with a coat of polyurethane drying on it (not sure how long that will take since it is freeeeezing today!) Anyway, I'm thinking of stenciling some words on the front, like "dress up," or "princess box." We'll see. The girls already love it and I'm excited for them to have somewhere else to store their dress ups besides an old garbage bag!


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  1. Very bright and cheery! Perfect for your toy room! Very cool!

  2. How fun is this. I like to work with painted furniture and I hadn't thought of using Ikea furniture. Thanks for the inspiration. Your girls will love it.

  3. I'm loving your toy box and table & chair redo. They're fabulous!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  4. That turned out very cute! Just visited your blog for the first time! Great ideas!

  5. Good idea !
    Just about to finish a toybasket with some Ikea fabric.

    Regards from Sweden


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