Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finished! (Activity Book)

Well, we had a very lazy Saturday yesterday, so while the kids were jumping off mountains (i.e. the couch), I worked and worked and worked on this $1 Store Place Mat Activity Book and it's pretty much finished! The kids tested it out during church today and loved it! I was so glad! Don't you hate working on things just to see your kids play with it for like, a minute and then toss it aside? I'm so glad they love this Quiet Book. It was fun to make and create and now it's fun to see the kids enjoy it!

Page 1
This is a fun page. The windows and doors come off and reattach with velcro. The girls like using their little Polly Pocket dolls to pretend to play in the castle.

Page 2
The little finger puppets are from Ikea and the girls like putting the "apples" on the apple tree. (There are a bunch in the basket). Thinking of adding velcro to the apples and the tree, but may just be too much work.

Page 3
This is the page from my previous post. The ballerina is actually traced from a puzzle the girls use and the right side is sort of a "match the shapes" game. All the dolls dress up clothes and the shapes are in the pockets at the bottom of the page.

Page 4
Thinking of adding some fun train signs, but for now the kids enjoy using the little Ikea wooden trains to go around the track.

Thanks, My Little Gems, for the great idea! I'm linking up with The Girl Creative and Between Naps on the Porch and Craft Schooling Sunday. Enjoy!

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  1. So super cute :) I'm going to have to feature you! I'm thinking of doing a round up of those that try my projects-so I will make sure to feature this- it is darling!

  2. THose came out great! What a perfect Met Monday example!
    ~Really Rainey~

  3. Such a great idea! Great for church and the doctor's office!

  4. I love these books, lots of love put into it. I am really going to have to try one myself. TFS

  5. Great job, love it! Thanks so much for linking up on Craft Schooling Sunday, hope to see you again this week! all the best,Sara

  6. It turned out great. I love how you used placemats. I have a great placemat apron tutorial that I featured on

    My blog is

    Id love for you to visit sometime!!

  7. That is super cute! I may have to use your idea for one of my pages! I need to get mine out to finish it! :)

  8. My little girl would LOVE this! This is waaaay cute. Do you make these to sell also?

  9. I love your quiet book. It makes me want to do more on mine. But maybe I should move on. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I really love this!! It blows my potholder quiet book right out of the water!

  11. Awesome! Great job on this.

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