Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cork Board

My kids love to draw, paint and do fun art projects. Now that Claire is in preschool, she brings home art projects almost every day. Our fridge was getting a little crowded with pictures and I decided it was time to clean it up a bit. I remembered this old frame we had in storage, from Ikea (love that place), and decided to try and convert it into a cork board. Went to the local hardware store and found a HUGE cork board on sale for $6! I had to cut it down to fit the frame, but the price was worth it. I found the fabric in the remnants bin at Jo Ann's for $2, and it fit the board perfectly. The little flowers I found in my scrapbooking box (a very, very, tiny box) and hot glued them on the corner. The hardest part was trying to hang this up on the wall. I had a picture hanging kit from a previous project, and decided to try and use that. It worked well, but the nail is kind of an eye sore. Ah, well! The kids love hanging their pictures on the board and I love seeing their wonderful art work!


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