Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weight Loss Update

Ok, folks it has been 2 weeks since I wrote that last entry and I have an update for you (I know it was just published, but I waited). Some good, some bad. But, some adjustments had to be made.

Update #1: Lose Weight
First of all, after 2 weeks of attempting the SHRED diet I have decided it is not for me. I'm not going to throw the book into a lake or anything, but I found that the strict times you are supposed to eat your meals did NOT work with my lifestyle. I know that I could have made it work, if I had true and utter dedication, but I would have ended up making dinner for my family at 6 and then eating a dinner for myself at 8, etc. I also found a gazillion ways to justify not eating what I should within the diet. You're supposed to eat a certain amount of calories with your snack, and I'd eat a cookie and call it good. Ha! I know, I know. I love me some chocolate, though! Anyway, you get the idea. So, a new plan is in motion and we'll see if I can stick with it. More on that later.

Update #2: Exercise Daily
The good news is that I've been able to workout 6 days a week since February started. It has truly helped my energy levels, how I sleep and how I feel about myself in general. I love the T25 workout (25 minutes of constant moving is about all I can handle) but since we own an elliptical (hubs uses it to train when it's cold outside), I've added that on to my daily workout when my toddler is napping. It was kind of a bummer giving up my lazy-just-read-or-watch-Rachael-Ray time, but I know it's worth it in the end. And, I get to shower! Woo-hoo! A warm shower in this frigid month is alone worth the workout to me. Ha!

Oh, how I'll miss you, Rachael! 

Update #3: Do Not Eat Fast Food
Ok, so this one is a little tricky for me. I admitted I am The Laziest of the Lazies, so yes, I have eaten some fast food since my last post. But, in my defense (as if that excuses anything), I'm eating it only once a week. Yeah! So, I'm whittling it down. Hopefully, I will be able to cut this out entirely by the end of the month. It truly helps to have shared my healthy eating struggles with the blogworld, since when I drive by those golden arches, thinking a small fry sounds delicious, I remember I am going to share my struggles with you, and I drive on. So, thanks, guys. I appreciate your help!

How is your weight loss or eating healthy journey going?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weight Loss Journey

Hello everyone! If anyone is still out there! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I last wrote a blog post here. The time just flies. Wow. Many things have happened over the course of the last 9 months and it's been rewarding to say the least. Wonderful events with family, friends, holidays, birthdays. Good things, bad things. Just life in general. Experiencing life is just a wonderful blessing, isn't it?

I'm happy to say that I'm coming back with a different focus. I love doing my little crafting, furniture re-do's and am starting to get that "itch" again to create. It's been dormant for too long. My little family has definitely come front and center for my attention and it feels like the time is right to start focusing on some other projects.

One project would be my health. I'm not sick or anything, don't worry. But, I am living a very unhealthy lifestyle right now. I had a great run with a diet and a wonderful online exercise routine that sustained me for awhile last year. But, I let it slide and the weight all came back. So, this year I want t make a LIFESTYLE change. I don't want to try a diet or exercise routine just to have it backfire on me a few months later because I let it go. I want to make legitimate changes to my diet and exercise that I can sustain for the rest of my life. One of the ways to begin this process is for me to be accountable to someone. And that someone is you. Or, this blog.

So, I will share my ideas, thoughts, suggestions, trials, errors, worries and fears on my little old blog here. And hope that having a forum on which to report will help me keep track of my goals and encourage me to keep going.

I have designated the month of February as the "let's do this" month. I'm beginning a new eating plan called the Super SHRED. I ordered a workout video (because I really hate gyms) from the creator of Insanity called T25. Shaun does basically what he does in the long videos, but condenses it down to 25 minutes. I need a short workout time frame, considering I'm trying to do this with an almost 2 year old following me around all day and a kindergartner who comes home around 11:00 a.m. from school. Shaun has a month long program, but then a longer, sustainable program that I hope to switch over to after a month.

I know this contradicts what I wrote above, that I don't want the diet and exercise plans, but I need to start somewhere. The SHRED books has some great suggestions for everyday eating and snacking that I hope to make a lifestyle change after the diet is initially completed. He also has another book called SHRED Revoluationary, that involves more of a lifestyle change that I'm hoping to get an implement as well. Really, I just need a jumping off point. So, this is where I jump. Let's see where I land.

I was thinking I should have some goals on here, but since this is a "lifestyle" change, I don't want to limit myself. But, hey, lets just shoot some vague goals out there, just to satisfy the Type A personality of me, shall we?

Goal #1
Lose weight (duh). Lemme explain. At first, I wanted to lose around 20 pounds. This would put me back in the weight range I was at before I had kids. Then, I started thinking, "wait, I've had kids." There is just no way my body is the same body I had before those traumatic events (and I don't mean that in a negative way, having a baby definitely puts your body through trauma). My hips are wider, my ribs are wider, my bust is definitely not the same. I'm just a different shape then I was and I need to accept that. So, my goal is to lose weight, because I can definitely stand to lose some, but to let it come off naturally in my journey to change to a healthy lifestyle. So, what I end up doing, food-wise, will indicate what my weight will be. I would love to lose inches, but I want to be realistic.

Goal #2
Work out every day. This is going to be a hard one for me. But, I know it will ultimately effect my whole, entire day. When I workout, I have energy, I shower (for all you moms with young kiddos, you know how precious a shower can be), I sleep so much better (for all you moms with young kiddos, you know how precious sleep can be), and I just feel better about myself in general. Now, I live in the frigid mid-west and like much of the nation, we are experiencing record low temperatures. Like, cancel school, record low temperatures. And this just depresses me to no end. To the point where all I want to do is sit by a warm fire and read novels, eating marshmallows with hot chocolate and toast all day. I'm not kidding, I have done this. The thought of getting into workout gear, with the record low temperatures, just has me shaking my head in an emphatic NO. But, I need to get past this. Hence, the goal.

Goal #3
Do NOT eat fast food anymore. Period. I am the Queen of All Things Lazy and one of the laziest things I do is drive through somewhere for lunch. In my head, this makes perfect sense because then I don't have to make lunch AND dinner for my family, the kids get a toy, I get fries, all is well in the world. But, not only will this be better for my health, my children's health (and sense of entitlement), it will definitely help with the budget as well. A win-win. Go team! While I am whole-heartedly on this bandwagon, I am not going to give up diet soda. I know, "whaaaaaaat?" How can you expect to have a healthy lifestyle and NOT give up soda?!? Of any kind??? Well, here's my reason.....I'm human. And I have flaws, weaknesses. One of them being a need for diet soda during my day. It's sort of something of a treat for me, something to look forward to, when I am forced to eat another salad instead of a burger. I need something, folks, and I've picked diet soda. The only restriction I will make in this instance, is to limit it to ONE per day. Whew! Cue the shakes and sweats, lets hope I can stick to this goal!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's All About the Shelves

I think the key to my sanity in a house with 4 little kids is STORAGE. That's what's going to get me through the day. During the month of April, we celebrate 3 of my 4 kids birthdays and with that a truckload of new toys, gadgets, and the smallest game pieces imaginable make their way into our home. Stuff ends up in the worst places, namely, under my feet. So, some storage solutions are in order.

First up, the boys' room!

Here's where we left off:

And after picking up 6 of these lovely shelves from Ikea, here's where we are today:

Ahhhhhh.....So nice.

Here's the little shelf unit we were trying to stuff all these toys on now:

Again, I'm in storage heaven. 

These cute frames and prints were also Ikea finds! I love the vintage car prints, you can get 5 in a package for $1 per print! I'm going to go back for their vintage flower prints for my girls room. 

My son loves seeing his most prized toys on display and the great thing is he can reach these guys with the stool we use for his closet. Win-win!

I'm just happy I finally get to display his blocks I made for him about 4 years ago! 

I am not the greatest stager for shelves, but since these needed to be functional as well as fun, I'm pretty happy with the end results. The little bins (also from Ikea) hold his smaller items such as Lego's, plastic dinosaurs, and action figures. 

And the fact that I'm not stepping on anymore surprises or tripping over that lovely ship is good enough for me. Ah, a boy's life!  

Next up, built-in's for my girls room! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Rock Star Birthday

Well, I'm beat. How many of you guys need a week's vacation after throwing a birthday party for your kids? Ha! Anyway, my daughter decided to have a friend party this year and wanted the theme to be rock star. I scratched my head for awhile and then just decided to go with it.

We had a fun time.

The kids showed up and immediately started decorating their own guitars (made out of poster board). We had crayons, markers, stickers, foam stickers, gems. My daughter wants to be an artist when she grows up, so this seemed a great way to start her birthday. After they were done, we had to get some rock star poses.

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the rest of the party because I was alone and trying to keep 8 little girls entertained. At one point the party evolved into a spontaneous pillow fight. Hey, we went with it. We're go with the flow these days. But, we did pin the mic on the rock star, pop the balloon (one of the balloons had a little object in it and whoever found it won), duck duck goose (not very rockery, but again, the kids had fun with it), and then musical chairs.

I saw these cupcake ice cream cones on House of Hepworths and had to give them a try. I'd say they were a hit with about half of the party goers. Luckily, we had some regular cupcakes on hand. It was still a really fun project and I'd definitely try them again.

The girls were able to play chef and make their own mini pizzas. While the pizzas cooked, we opened presents.

Our little goody bags. The labels were printed before the party and the prizes from the games made up the goody bags (along with some candy, crayons and a little notebook for our fellow artists).

The balloon garlands were lots of fun, they are strung together with bakers twine. I wanted to make one long enough to go across the room, but ran out of time and balloons. 

We had such a fun time and after 12 hours of sleep I can finally say that I'd do it again, just to see the smiles on my little girls face.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

EBTKS Link Party

I am going to do something that I promised myself I would never really do. I love visiting certain blogs every morning, in front of my cereal. It's like reading the paper, checking on old friends. When I started this blog it was for a creative outlet but it quickly turned into something more than that. I loved meeting the people who decided to "follow" or subscribe and especially leave comments. I had so many ideas, so much to express, and I just needed to share it somewhere and blogland became that place. Every time I didn't have something to post, I was disappointed in myself and really wanted to try and do better.

But, I decided that I shouldn't be disappointed. I should be ok. The time I'm not using to make projects for this blog is spent doing other things. Some more important, some not at all important. I am still sort of surprised that I even started a blog, because it's so outside my comfort zone. Maybe that's another reason I did it...anyway, I'm not leaving the blog. Not at all. And when I venture to other blogs that say what I'm about to say, I always do a little sigh, shrug my shoulders and then delete them from my favorite list (and I hope you won't do that), but here goes...

I'm stepping away for a little while. Like many before me, other things have taken over my time and I have to let them for a bit. I'm positive that I will always be here, sometimes with projects everyday, other times with just a link party to get the idea juices flowing. Like today.

But, I am the mother of 4 children. And this time is so precious to me.

Just to make things clear, one of these heads is my baby is asleep. Ha!

They still like to cuddle with me in the morning. They still come to me with owies to kiss better. They still love to hear me read them a story. I am their best buddy, their teacher, their comforter, their example...and it's only for a little while longer before they are totally embarrassed to have me drive them somewhere, and then they will leave me and venture into this world all on their own. I have to admit, that thought absolutely terrifies me. Have you read the news? This world is a scary place. But, if I take care of these guys now, arm them with the things that will make them productive citizens, firm believers in right and wrong and willing to stand up for those beliefs, then I can rest a bit easier (let's be honest, I'll always worry....).

But I'm not going to stress about what to put on the blog right now. I just can't. It's going to be my creative outlet when I get creative. Whenever that might be. I hope you will keep me in your list of blogs-to-visit and come back to check out things every once in awhile. I appreciate all of your comments and support more than you know. Ahhh! I'm getting all verklempt. Ok, let's move on to the link party!

Last week's most viewed link was the EZ Instant Makeover from Small Fine Print. I love how she was able to turn her white appliance into that sleek stainless steel look without the money fuss. Great job!

Now, on to the party! Have fun!!